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Welcome to our second-hand book store

Books Galore sells used, collectable, remainders and new children’s books. Our main business is used books and we give 1/3 in credit on books bought from us, used or other wise. We also give 25% in credit of the sticker price of second hand books published in 2018, 2019 and 2020 which have been bought from CNA, Exclusive, Estoril and Bargain Books.

When it comes to these books we don’t take hard cover fiction, Sale books, books on special , remainders, text books, Mills& Boon or historical romance.

Books Galore specialize in used fiction and our staff is trained to give you an alternative if the book you’re looking for isn’t in stock. Our second hand books & hand picked remainders as well as new children’s books are all about half to a third cheaper than the Recommend Retail Price.

Books Galore have been in business for 29 years since 1991 and have 6 branches, 4 in Gauteng and 2 in the Cape.

Our stores buy books seven days a week and our remainders & new children’s books come directly from the UK twice a year in April and October.

All our staff are avid readers and extremely knowledgeable, so they can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. If a particular store does not have the book you’re looking for they will try to source it from one of our other stores.

Books are bought for

  • Subject Matter – Africana / Naval / Natural History / Art / Photography / Architecture / Business / Esoteric / Philosophy / Boer War / Complete Sets of Work
  • Availability / Rarity / Scarcity
  • Subject Matter – Current fiction published in the last 3 years
  • Author or Demand
  • Condition is almost 100% or our criteria
  • Publication date for fiction 2010 to current, soft back only
  • Stock holding in store and at warehouse
  • We do not buy tatty paperbacks, hardcover fiction, Encyclopedias, Readers Digest, health books, child care, arts & crafts, old cookery books, old travel books, old photography books
  • We will collect books if you have 150 or more to sell if you are moving
  • We usually only buy on the first week of every month
  • Call your nearest branch for details and assistance
  • We give 1/3 CREDIT back on all books bought from us and returned in same condition
  • We have AWESOME KIDS Books generally & especially for Christmas
  • SATISFACTION guaranteed
  • NOTIFICATION VIA SMS OF STOCK YOU ARE INTERESTED IN, we don’t sell or abuse our client data base, sms us to join
  • We support Selected charities
  • We VALUE constructive input from you and how we can improve.

Voted Best Books Store of its kind 7 years.

Our Managers, associates and owners really do know their stuff, and we are QUALIFIED TO BUY your fine library, so don’t hesitate to call your nearest branch for details and advice and a FAIR PRICE on your books. Obviously we need to see the condition.

Please note the images above are just for show. We don’t have them in any of our stores.